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Find the rock, gravel and
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Westridge operates four commercial quarry sites in the Okanagan Valley to meet all of your gravel, sand, rock and aggregate needs. Each site is unique. If a product is not available at one of our sites, we can arrange delivery from another.

We regularly stockpile our top-selling products on site. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, don’t fret. Our catalogue includes nearly 125 crushed stone products, which can be produced upon request. Available in a wide selection of sizes, gradations and colours.

Fractured Products (compactible):

Fractured, or crushed stones, combined with fines for excellent compaction, ranging from 6-150mm.

Natural Stone Products:

Natural Stone, ranging from 10-150mm in size, for drainage or landscaping. Sometimes called river rock

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2. Estimate needed depth
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Trucking Services

Whether it’s a yard of gravel or 10 tons of granite wall rock, we’ll take care of the details of getting it from our quarry to your home or worksite. Westridge offers convenient professional delivery service on all sand, gravel, aggregate and stone products. You can also call us at: 250.546.8800

Westridge Quarries FAQs

Each project is unique, which doesn’t allow for a “one size fits all”. For answers to your questions – call us for details.
How do I calculate how much gravel/material I need for a project?

This is a question we get a lot. That’s why we have created a convenient Westridge Material Calculator. Simply enter the dimensions of the project area (length, width and depth/height) along with the type of material you want to use – and you’ll get an instant estimate.

If your project involves an unusual configuration or is more complex, don’t hesitate to contact Westridge for professional guidance.

What kind of gravel should I use for my driveway or decorative project?

For driveways, the most common and economical choice is 25mm road base. For areas alongside a home or garage, or decorative landscaping features, Crusher Chip, or a small clear rock can be great choices. Your choice of rock can depend on the following factors:

  • The type of surface underneath
  • How much work you want to put in
  • What you want it to look like
  • Budget

If you have questions, Westridge is here to provide friendly, knowledgeable advice. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Is your rock available in a selection of colours?

Often, customers are seeking consistent, unified colour tones if the rock is being used in a landscaping application. The majority of our colour-sorted rock is grey.  We also have rock in Silver or Brown tones.

How much material comes in a truck?

A standard tandem truck can carry 12.5 cubic yards, or 14 MT. Our tandem truck with a tri-pup is capable of hauling 27 cubic yards (30 MT ). When making your decision, be aware that you will require adequate space is you choose the pup option. Please contact us to learn more.

Can I pick the material up myself?

Unless you are manually loading a small amount of gravel, we don’t recommend using your own pickup truck box –  as our loaders are too large and we don’t want to damage your vehicle. Trailer’s can be loaded (a minimum loading fee will apply). Please contact us if you have any questions.

How far in advance should I book my delivery?

In most cases a day in advance is sufficient. If possible, we recommend booking 2 or 3 days ahead of time, as we do have periods of high demand. If the product is large rock (rip rap or wall rock), we require an additional day (minimum) to sort the rock.

Because each project is unique, we encourage you to call us to work out all details in advance.