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Complete rock crushing solutions

Your project’s success rests on your ability to safely secure a steady, cost effective and consistently high-quality supply of aggregate. Where you need it and when you need it. Westridge is experienced at planning and operating crushing projects of all scopes and complexities: from multi-year, multi-site

operations to short-term projects.Westridge offers a complete turnkey solution that includes: site consulting, comprehensive project management, crushing, transportation, materials testing and site reclamation. Our team takes care of every detail on your behalf.

Rock Crushing

Westridge is committed to producing only the best and most consistent products: sustainably mined and prepared according to your precise material and grade requirements. Work is performed according to the highest professional standards, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety. Our modern equipment fleet and rigorous maintenance program allows Westridge to increase run-time while reducing unscheduled downtime.


Blast & Site Development

Informed site selection and setup are vital to an efficient mobile crushing operation. Westridge follows a detailed process that allows us to better serve your needs as a client, while maximizing productivity and site safety. This process involves:

  • Preliminary site visit to assess suitability
  • Mobilization of equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Layout and planning
  • Equipment delivery/setup
  • Startup and testing

Material Testing

To meet the exacting specifications of our clients, and to maintain the highest level of quality control, Westridge provides in-house testing services. We own and operates a state-of-the-art fleet of Mobile Material Testing Labs, which travel with our crushing plants, all to ensure the right product is falling off the conveyor belt. Our labs are staffed by a dedicated team of ASTM certified technicians. All aggregates we produce undergo regular testing according to our Quality Control program and the required testing schedule. Graduation testing is conducted using the required sieves, screens and shakers.

Contact us to discuss material specifications and material testing procedures based on your project requirements.


Heavy Equipment

Westridge offers contract heavy hauling services for oversize equipment and machinery, primarily serving construction, industrial, agricultural and resource sector clients in BC, AB and SK. We operate an extensive fleet of lowbed flatdeck trailers, available in a variety of configurations to meet your load requirements. Our experienced staff will ensure safe, timely, worry-free delivery. We are a bonded and insured carrier, offering North America-wide delivery.



Westridge understands that the work we conduct has the potential to impact the environment. We take great responsibility to sustainably develop the environments our business depends on. Our Environmental Management Policy guides us to conduct our business with the utmost respect for the land we are working, as well as the surrounding area. Once a site is scheduled for decommissioning, we develop a plan to return it to a natural state – so it can once again become a safe, and welcoming natural habitat. We pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with local authorities, commissions, and most importantly, First Nations groups, to ensure our reclamation and development efforts are sustainable.


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This is one of the best companies I have ever worked for in my 13 years of crushing rock. From the owners to management to their employees, it is great working environment. They treat you with respect and will accommodate you with some of the best places to stay. They take immense care of their equipment and put an excellent amount of pride in all jobs they do.

Their excellence towards safety for their employees is among the best I have experienced in the business. Never had an issue with my pay or not being treat fairly and with respect.

Jamie T.

We’ve never bought rock before, so we had very new questions about how to measure what we needed, if there was a delivery minimum, and what kinds of rock were available. Westridge was VERY kind, polite and helpful compared to two other companies I spoke with, where I felt rather looked-down-upon and stupid for asking basic questions.

Would definitely recommend – and prices seem very reasonable. Thanks again!

Tamie R.